Terms and Conditions

iService. Terms and Conditions. Please take the time to read through our Terms and Conditions carefully, as they provide essential information about your rights and obligations. These terms applies to our shop as also to our repair services. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you. Your satisfaction and success within the iService. are of utmost importance to us.

1. Refund Policy:

we offer a 7 days refund for used phones if they were proven they weren’t as described or had problems. we can’t offer refund for new devices as they are covered by the mother company dealership, if you’ve encountered any problems in any new device you bought from us, you can refer back to the mother company of the device as they are covering the warranty of your device.

2. Maintenance Warranty:

screen warranty is at most 7 days for touch only. we offer 1 month of warranty for other types of maintenance for the same issue that has been fixed. you lose the rights of having the device back if it stayed in our service center for more than 6 months. you may lose your data at the maintenance, we can’t guarantee the backup of your data when maintaining your device,  make sure to back up your data if you can before handing us your device.

3. Delivery Policy:

we deliver the device after 2 hours at most after ordering it from our website if the delivery location was inside Amman. Other areas It will take up to 24 hours to deliver the device to your location.